Welcome to BRAVE Copenhagen, a realm where creativity thrives and magic happens. We’re not your ordinary agency – we’re the misfits, the rebels of the creative universe. With a touch of humor and a sprinkle of enchantment, we fearlessly break the rules of design, branding and marketing.

Before you move on...

Here's the straight talk about BRAVE CPH: We do things our way. BRAVE? Absolutely. We're not just another agency that says 'yes' to every brief. We choose who we work with – and we work with brands and people we genuinely like.

It's about simplicity, integrity, and real connections. For us, it's more than business; it's about friendship and shared journeys. As a boutique agency, we're not just on your team; we're in your corner. When you join forces with BRAVE CPH, you're getting more than an agency – you're gaining a 'partner in crime.' We promise a partnership where your goals become ours, and your wins, our victories.

That's the BRAVE way – direct, honest, and unapologetically us.

Our team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of success in branding, design, and marketing. With a focus on innovative AI technology and well-tested neuromarketing insights, we stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of creative agencies.

At BRAVE CPH, we believe in thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. We’re the ones who dare to dance to a different beat.

But here’s the twist – we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love to have a laugh and infuse our work with a dash of humor. We believe that creativity flourishes when we embrace joy and playfulness.

Welcome to BRAVE CPH, where we combine charm, edginess, and a fresh approach to take your brand to the next level. When it comes to creativity, we’re in a league of our own.

Our Creative Spells


Welcome to the realm of brand enchantment. At BRAVE CPH, we don’t just create brands; we conjure identities that captivate hearts and minds. Our team wields the power of storytelling, design mastery, and a sprinkle of magic to breathe life into your brand. With every stroke of creativity, we build a narrative that resonates, ignites connections, and leaves an indelible mark on the world.


Step into the atelier of imagination and innovation. Our design sorcerers at BRAVE CPH weave dreams into reality, crafting visuals that transcend the ordinary. With a dash of audacity and a touch of whimsy, we mold pixels and shapes into awe-inspiring artworks. Whether it’s print, digital, or experiential design, we turn visions into tangible masterpieces that delight and astonish.


Embrace the digital dance of strategy and charm. At BRAVE CPH, we wield the digital wand to illuminate your brand across the vibrant realms of Facebook and Instagram. Crafting bewitching social media narratives, we harness the power of these platforms to captivate, engage, and propel your brand to the forefront. With our AI-powered insights and a touch of creative magic, we ensure your brand’s story not only resonates but also reaches the right hearts and screens in the dynamic world of social media.


Unveil the hidden pathways to success with our strategic enchantments. At BRAVE CPH, we’re not mere strategists; we’re navigators of possibility. With a keen eye for trends, a knack for innovation, and a sprinkle of foresight, we chart courses that lead to triumph. Whether you seek to conquer new realms or fortify your position, our strategic spells are designed to guide you on a journey of calculated risk and daring rewards.

Experience and Excellence:
Our Journey and Accomplishments

While we may be a new agency, our team members bring over 15 years of experience to the table. Our team have worked with a variety of high-profile clients, including Nestlé, SEB Bank, H&M, Grey Goose Vodka, Slow Cow, REKOM Group, CULT Energy, MTV and Tinderbox Festival. Our mission is to continue providing unparalleled creative services to help our clients achieve their goals and stand out in their respective industries.

Let’s talk. We’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Unless you’re trying to hide from your ex.



Asgårdsvej 1, 1811 Frederiksberg C – Danmark
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